Battle of the Year: The Dream Team

Battle of the Year: The Dream Team is American movie inspired by real life break-dance championship, a tournament like Olympic games for dancers is held every year in France. And most interesting fact is that Americans, who were standing at the origins of the break-dance haven't won Battle of the Year for fifteen years (what a shame!). This situation is to be changed by former b-boy Dante (Laz Alonso - Charlie DuChamp from Breakout Kings) who hires a basketball coach, Derrek, to make a team from a gang of unorganized teen-dancers. Derrek (played by Josh Holloway: Five, Stay Cool, Whisper) initially refuses the deal claiming that he is just former basketball coach, but finally accepts Dante proposition. As we see, Dante was right, a good coaching gives more than specialization. As it turns out B-boys were in need of discipline and raising the morale. The main competitors, Koreans have won lots of Battles of the Year before - their dancing potential and, what is more important, both the spirit and the will to win seem to be unbeatable. However, Derek's tactic to train boys like real men is paying off. His b-boys turn into a powerful dancing forces crew, a serious menace for the rest of the teams on Battle of the Year dance-ground.

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The Fighter

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