$ellebrity is the directorial debut of Kevin Mazur, a paparazzi and celebs photographer who managed to gather all the modern megastars together in one movie. Meet Maureen Orth, Salma Hayek, Dan Abrams, Darryn Lyons, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Kid Rock, Michael Lewittes, Rosanna Arquette and Jonathan Klein playing themselves in this extraordinary film about a rapid changes occurring in the modern showbiz. From extinction of multilevel from-studio-to-studio career building to rise of free-for-all social-networked and youtube-powered world where every talented person could "sell" himself easily to mainstream buyers by just one click… And don't ask us what Kevin Mazur has done to arrange these highly acclaimed world-class celebs to participate in his weird project.


The Lady

The Iron Lady

J. Edgar