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The Lone Ranger

One of the most anticipated westerns of 2013, The Lone Ranger's script was rewritten for several times to be finally approved by Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer were confirmed for leading roles in the movie by director Gore Verbinski, and filming has began soon after Johnny Depp completed his role in Dark Shadows. The movie tells a story about a ranger, John Reid who tries his best as serious man serving the justice in the town. In one day he meets Tonto,a native American who practice some mysterious spiritual cult. They befriend and travel along time to time getting into serious troubles. Tonto's tranquility and self-control alongside with Reid's braveness helps them to defeat their enemies. Meanwhile, Tonto's spiritual techniques make lots of changes their ways of life. John Reid becomes stronger, but not physically, he develops "superhuman" traits making him a true legend standing behind a justice in this Wild Wild West. While the action unfolds in the fictional American Old West, Tonto and Rider have to survive not only human greed and aggression, but some mystical forces standing far beyond their understanding.

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War & Western