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"Valkyrie" is a 2008 historical thriller movie based on the true story of the July 20 Plot of 1944, a failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler by German officers who were opposed to the Nazi regime. The movie follows Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a key figure in the plot, as he devises a plan to assassinate Hitler and overthrow the Nazi government.

The movie depicts the challenges faced by the plotters, including the difficulty of keeping the plan secret and the risks of being discovered by the Gestapo. The movie also explores the moral dilemma faced by the plotters, who were torn between their duty to their country and their loyalty to their leader.

"Valkyrie" has been praised for its suspenseful plot, powerful performances, and attention to historical detail. The movie has also sparked debates about the ethics of political assassination and the role of individual actions in shaping history. Despite some criticism for its use of English accents and the portrayal of some characters, "Valkyrie" remains a popular and thought-provoking movie about one of the most daring plots against Hitler's regime.

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Zahra Almailady

Zahra Almailady is a wife and mom first but she discovered a passion for cinema and after graduating from UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television she dove into cinematography. Now Zahra writes movie reviews just for fun ad really enjoys it. Zahra loves reading, cooking,  and windsurfing. She lives in New Zealand, with her husband two sons, and four cats.

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