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Torchwood: Miracle Day


Torchwood: Miracle Day


When Captain Jack Harkness came from Doctor Who and the 51st century he was a happy man. But circumstances such as the deaths of friends, his grandson, and a lover, Ianto Jones made him realize that life is short, and precious! John Barrowman (Desperate Housewives, Tonight's The Night) plays Harkness who's character jumped from the Doctor Who series over to Torchwood, and is joined by a talented cast plus interesting guest stars each episode. Harkness loves Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles from These Foolish Things, Doctor Who) even though she still lives with and has feelings for her husband, Rhys Williams (Kai Owen from Being Human, A Chorus of Disapproval). C. Thomas Howell, Wayne Knight, and Ernie Hudson have each participated with guest appearances on Torchwood: Miracle Day. When Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer from ER and Lie To Me) joins up as a CIA operative the plot thickens and the challenges become huge. Someone who faces lethal injection just will not die, and the rest of the world lives on as well. Jack Harkness himself is considered immortal since leaving the Torchwood Institute. What is there about that place that makes men immortal?

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Emily Peacock

Undoubtfully, cinematography has been my passion since a very young age. Even now, watching a new movie or series always prompts me to ask a lot of questions to the author. Thus, every little essay about a title is definitely not a spoiler, but rather an attempt to explore the idea.

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