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There are five Alphas who are dedicated to investigating and solving crimes, most of which have been perpetrated by other Alphas. The good Alphas work for the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, a branch of the Defense Department of the U.S. The basic good guys vs bad guys premise is made more interesting with the characters involved: Dr. Lee Rosen (played by David Strathairn from The Bourne Ultimatum, We Are Marshall), who studies other Alphas in order to stop their destructive tendencies. Gary Bell (played by Ryan Cartwright from TV's Mad Men & Bones) is autistic yet has certain abilities like processing info faster than any computer. Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie from Ties That Bind Us, Malibu Shark Attack) has the power of hyperkinesis which means his brain moves quickly, processing movements so he uses his eyesight to predict trajectory. Malik Yoba (Defying Gravity, That's So Raven) is Bill Harken, FBI agent with superhuman powers. Rachel Pirzad, formerly with the CIA as a linguist, finds she has abilities to heighten each of her five senses to detect things even by their chemical compound. Rachel is played by Azita Ghanizada (Castle, Friends With Benefits). Laura Mennell (Flight 93, Watchmen) plays Nina Theroux, young woman with the ability to mentally "push" or encourage people around her into doing whatever she wishes.

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Anna Miko

Anna Miko enjoys writing more than reading books. But most of all she likes to write movie and series reviews. Being fond of classic cinema, she nevertheless is the author of many research works on contemporary visual arts. She also writes short essays on new movies and series helping others to navigate the world of modern cinema.

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