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Creators and critics refer to "Caprica TV show" as a spin-off from the classic "Battlestar Gallactica," but the allusion deceives devoted viewers of the old space drama, and it flies right over the heads of the new show's most enthusiastic viewers"”adolescent boys obsessed with all things technological. Strictly speaking, "Caprica" is a prequel to the final struggle for survival dramatized in "Battlestar Gallactica": The stories are set approximately sixty years before the Cylons began plotting to destroy humanity, and it focuses on a tech-crazy world drunk on its own runaway success. The stories dramatize dangerous, self-destructive tendencies in people so completely self-absorbed and so thoroughly addicted to their gadgets they become oblivious to the world that lives beyond their arms' reach, palpable instead of digitized. Characteristic of the best science fiction writers, "Caprica's" crew subtly allegorizes the serious ethical ramifications of post-modern advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. In the United States, the SyFy channel put "Caprica TV show" on hiatus late in 2010, holding back just a few new episodes for first broadcast sometime early in 2011. Despite the show's uncertain American future, the production team continued making new episodes for air in the United Kingdom and Canada.

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