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Being Human


Being Human


Another successful crossover from British television to North American is found in Being Human. The premise of the show involves showing how different yet similar we all are and how a vampire and a werewolf can live with a ghost and all get along. Any time a combination like this one comes to the TV you can imagine how scary dark and brooding it may be but there is a lot of humor in this show as well, making it well worth watching. Aidan (Sam Witwer) is a vampire who works as a nurse in a hospital in Boston. He began his career as a prince of darkness during the Revolutionary War back in the 1860's and with a job in a hospital they might want to watch out for the blood supplies. Josh (played by Sam Huntington) happens to be a werewolf working in the same hospital as an orderly as his day job. Sally (Meaghan Rath) became a ghost after her unfortunate death and now haunts the house she had planned to live in when she got married. Now Aidan and Josh rent the house and find it to be haunted by Sally.

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