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Escape from a boring life in the suburbs turned out for four men: Ben Stiller (Tower Heist, Little Fockers , Megamind), Vince Vaughn, (Dilemma, Couples Retreat, Four Christmases) Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street, Allen Gregory TV series, The Sitter) Billy Crudup (The Convincer, Public Enemies, Watchmen) with event, which can change not only their lives but also to bring all the life on Earth to extinction.he story began when four volunteers organize Neighborhood Watch team to monitor the order in their suburban. Of course their true purpose was quite different - to arrange a good alibi. The alibi purposed for run out from their wives and boring of family life from time to time. ll went well until, during his regular "neighborhood watch" they came across the evidence of an alien comparative evil plot, aiming the total destruction of life on our planet.nd from now our heroes will have to show all their wit and intelligence, to prevent the of a scenario escalating that way.

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Anna Miko

Anna Miko enjoys writing more than reading books. But most of all she likes to write movie and series reviews. Being fond of classic cinema, she nevertheless is the author of many research works on contemporary visual arts. She also writes short essays on new movies and series helping others to navigate the world of modern cinema.

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