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"Cats" is a 2019 British-American musical film, directed by Tom Hooper and based on the musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which in turn was based on T.S. Eliot's 1939 poetry collection "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats". The film features an ensemble cast including James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, and Francesca Hayward. It was released on December 20, 2019, and received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The film follows a group of "Jellicle" cats who meet at a ball to decide who will ascend to the "Heaviside Layer" and be reborn into a new life. The story is told through song and dance, with each cat introducing themselves and telling their unique story. Meanwhile, a villainous cat named Macavity tries to sabotage the proceedings and become the chosen one.

Despite featuring an all-star cast and being directed by an Oscar-winning director, "Cats" was widely criticized for its unsettling CGI, nonsensical plot, and bizarre musical numbers. Many viewers found the film to be a surreal and uncomfortable experience, with some describing it as a "cult classic" in the making. Despite its poor reception, "Cats" was still nominated for several awards, including a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.

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