Since it was launched back on March 20, 1991 SBS TV has proven its value by providing excellent television for South Korea, particularly Seoul and suburbs. Featuring general broadcasting of game shows, news programs, variety shows, soap operas, and historical drama the network has much to offer viewers in the area. Now they have capability to be seen nearly around the world with live streaming capabilities. While most of the major TV studios in South Korea are found to be located at Yeouido, on the Han River in Seoul, which is an island, they also can be found via satellite on multicultural channels operating in North America. Shopping channels are among the most popular and have increased in recent years due to models putting on their own variety of entertaining acts even as they pitch various products. A sister station, KBC which launched in 1995, is situated for viewing in Gwangiu and Jeonnam and offers primarily local content along with general entertainment, drama, etc. Overall, great television for all South Koreans and many more.

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