Launched in 1964 to help diversify the BBC's programming and extend its reach, BBC Two gained distinction as the first European station to broadcast consistently in color. BBC executives envisioned BBC Two as the home for slightly offbeat and more ambitious programming, a complement to the mainstream programming on BBC One. Consistent with executives' vision, BBC Two gambled its budget and reputation on The Forsyte Saga, now generally regarded as an iconic television masterpiece. The network spared no expense in adapting John Galsworthy's novels for television, and Kenneth More and Eric Porter delivered landmark performances in the series. The gamble paid off as two of every three British households equipped for BBC Two tuned in for The Forsyte Saga on the infant network. BBC Two maintains its identity and distinction as the sophisticated and highbrow one among the British public networks; and, like the other BBC stations, it enjoys the advantage of broadcasting all of its programs commercial-free, allowing writers and directors the privilege of deeper development and greater continuity.

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