TRT 1 is the central Turkish entertainment TV channel launched terrestrial broadcasting in January 1968 and available across the web as TRT1 Live since 2008. The channels provides much more broader entertainment programming than other Turkish television channels showing local and foreign series, domestic and world films, reality shows and Turkish music clips. TRT 1 also bring some newscasts and live sport events coverage as well as current affairs and special events reportages live. There are lots of popular series and movies on TRT1: Sakarya Farat (London Euphrates), Elde Var Hayat (Yes, Obtain Life), Yerden Yuksek (Higher Ground), Halil Ibrahim Sofrasi (Halil Ibrahim Supper), Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves), Hicran Yarasi (Hicran Ulcer), Deli Yurek (Batman Returns), Doludizgin Yillar (Year at a Ratting Pace), Leyla ile Mecnun (Layla and Manjun), Kuzenlerim (My Cousins), Mazi Kalbimde Yaradar (Mazi: My Heart Wound), Ah Kalbim (Oh My Heart), Adim Bayram Bayram (Step Day Holiday), Mert ile Gert (View by Gert), Hesaplasma (Reconing), Sen de Gitme (You Can Also Go), Genclik Halleri (State of Youth).

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