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The premise of Battlestar Galactica has become an entire franchise due to the popularity of the concept. Beginning back in 1978, Glen A. Larson created an ongoing joy for sci fi lovers with his original Battlestar Galactica series that aired on TV screens everywhere. Spawning many sequels over the years, including Caprica and the latest series which began its run in 2004, humans now live on a group of distant planets called the Twelve Colonies. Wars have gone on for decades on these planets against the Cylons, a group of cybernatics who plan to wipe out the human race altogether. Cylons offer a haven of peace and security but their intentions turn out to be false and deadly. Colonial starships carry the humans away but when attacked by the Cylons, find they are not able to compete. Commander Adama (played by Edward James Olmos of Miami Vice, Stand and Deliver fame) is the leader who takes the fugitive fleet of human survivors on a hunt for the mysterious 13th colony better known as planet Earth. Fun and often exciting drama with some great special effects and a gigantic and great looking spaceship called the Battlestar Galactica.

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