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60 Days In


"60 Days In" is a reality TV show that follows a group of volunteers as they go undercover in a county jail for 60 days. The goal is to gain insight into the jail system from the perspective of a prisoner, identify potential problems, and suggest improvements. The volunteers have no prior criminal record and are given false identities to protect their safety.

The show is filmed with hidden cameras and microphones, capturing the day-to-day experiences of the volunteers as they navigate the challenges of life in jail. They must adapt to the strict routines and rules of the facility, avoid conflicts with other inmates, and deal with the physical and emotional toll of being incarcerated.

The show has been praised for shedding light on issues such as overcrowding, gang activity, drug abuse, and violence within the jail system. It has also sparked controversy over the ethical implications of using non-professionals to gather information and the potential risks to the volunteers' safety.

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