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To Rome with Love


To Rome with Love

To Rome with Love


Sitting on the 15th place in The Greatest Directors of All Time list, Woody Allen is a talented writer, who has got more Oscars than fingers on both of your hands. And his next masterpiece To Rome with Love is likely to bring him another one (an Oscar, of course, not a finger). The events of the movie, that seem to be unconnected at the first blush, are masterfully intertwined with each other, mostly not physically, but spiritually, which is an Allen's bonanza anyway. The first story follows a famous NY architect, Jack (Jesse Eisenberg: 30 Minutes or Less, The Social Network) who is nothing more than a younger "reflection" of John (Alec Baldwin: The Good Shepherd, The Departed), who is trying to go back in the past to his youth. Another story is Antonio (Alessandro Tiberi) and Milly's (Alessandra Mastronardi) amorous drama which they are going through separately. This story also involves an Italian prostitute Anna (Penélope Cruz: Broken Embraces, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), and Italian cinema celebrity Luca Salta (Antonio Albanese). There are two other stories (or vignettes) that seem to be separated and unconnected but all of them are nothing more than beads on a curved string of life. By the way, Woody Allen has refuted the assumption of vignette intersection, leaving the audience an opportunity to decide what unites the stories.

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