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Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook is a heart touching, riotous movie based on the same name novel of Matthew Quick. The story of The Silver Linings Playbook revolves around the life of Pat Solitano, an ex-teacher, who is just released from a mental institution. David O. Russell who directed the film and wrote the screenplay immerses us in the Pat's mind allowing him to narrate the movie. We follow Pat endeavors to reunite with his ex-wife, despite of her treacherous betrayal. His family trying their best to help him, but situation changes dramatically when Pat meets Tiffany, a mentally depressed girl who agrees him to help with the reunion in exchange of some "contract" Pat agrees to "sign" with her. Step by step Pat understands that his "The Silver Lining", a theory he developed while being in a mental institution, are somehow connected with Tiffany's one. As he realize that fact, it becomes absolutely clear for him that their lives are connected and predetermined now by God's design. The movie pleases us by outstanding cast: Bradley Cooper is Pat Solitano, while Jennifer Lawrence is Tiffany. Pat's father is played by magnificent Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker is Danny.

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