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Canale 5

Canale 5


As part of the Fininvest family Canale 5 provides private television for Italy and beyond. A wide assortment of viewing options is available in their lineup for each and every day. Originally most scheduled programming consisted of running American TV shows that were then dubbed into Italian for the local audiences. Today there is much to offer in original programming spoken in the Italian language. Shows like RIS Delitti Imperfetti which is inspired from the U.S. show known as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and a derivative of the popular TV program known as Big Brother (in America) and now called Grande Fratello in Italian. Wide variety is the theme for programming on Canale 5 today. Wish to watch some news? Look for Verissimo, Terra!, or Matrix for up to date reporting. Want to see a soap opera? Maybe you'd like Beautiful (The Bold and the Beautiful) or Centovetrine (The Mall). Perhaps some Italian Fiction? Try out Ciao professore (Hi teacher!) or Distretto di Polizia (Police District). Or maybe you still like those American programs so watch Cougar Town, The Sopranos, or maybe Parenthood for some definite variety in your television viewing. Much is offered on Canale 5.

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