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The Millionaire Matchmaker


The Millionaire Matchmaker


The Millionaire Matchmaker TV show was created by Patti Stanger who founded the famous "Millionaire's Club" previously located in Beverly Hills. The idea of the club and, accordingly, TV show was inspired by the business model of dating club for millionaires. Each episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker TV series tells the dating story of indecently rich and very busy people, both in the walls of "Millionaire's Club" and outside it. The show has also become very popular because of celebrities participating in some other shows such as "Sex Toy's" Dave, "A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila's" Brittany, "America's Next Top Model's" Joslyn Pennywell and "Paris Hilton's My New BFF's" Baje . The show itself and the lives of its creators underwent significant changes from season to season. For example Patti Stanger decided to move "Millionaire's Club" in New York City, and Chelsea Autumn VP Matching Manager of The Millionaire Matchmaker TV show has founded her own dating agency "Queen Of Heart".

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