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"The Jetsons" is an American animated sitcom that aired on ABC from 1962 to 1963, with additional episodes produced in 1985. The show is set in a future world, where people live in high-rise apartments and travel in flying cars.

The show follows the lives of the Jetson family, consisting of George, Jane, their children Judy and Elroy, and their robotic maid Rosie. The Jetsons use futuristic technology in their daily lives, such as a food machine that can produce any meal instantly, a video phone that allows them to see and talk to people across the world, and even a robot dog named Astro.

"The Jetsons" is known for its humorous take on the future, and its use of clever technology and gadgets helped to establish the show as a classic of American television. The show has influenced numerous other animated programs and films, and it continues to be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Overall, "The Jetsons" is a fun and entertaining look into a future world that still captivates audiences today.

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