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"Kindergarten" is a TV show that first aired in 2001 on HBO Family's Jam morning block. The show is a documentary that follows the lives of 23 kindergarten students at Upper Nyack Elementary School in New York. The series is unscripted, meaning that the children's actions and conversations are not planned or rehearsed.

The show features a cast of both adult and child characters. Ms. Jennifer Vaz Johnson is the main teacher, and Mrs. Mary Ann Matheson is her assistant. Mr. Buzz Ostrowsky is the principal of the school. Additionally, there are some parents who make appearances on the show, including Lara's mom, Amanda's mom, and Joelle's mom. Santa Claus also appears in one episode, "Hooray for Holidays."

The child cast of "Kindergarten" includes 23 students, each with their unique personality and background. Some of the students include Aaron, Anna, Carly, Conor, and Jillian. Throughout the show, viewers get to see how the children learn, grow, and interact with one another in a real kindergarten classroom. "Kindergarten" offers a unique and authentic look into the lives of young children, making it an interesting and informative series for viewers of all ages.


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