State of Georgia


State of Georgia


Georgia Chamberlain knows she can act. In fact she is the most confident person around and considered to be one of those "larger than life" kinda people. Georgia Chamberlain is ably played by Raven-Symone (That's so Raven, Sunny With a Chance) who was actually born in Georgia. She has moved to New York to pursue her dreams which include becoming an actress. Her best friend Jo Pye is played by Majandra Delfino (Men of a Certain Age, Life As We Know It), who is more the science "geek" type. The two women are trying to make it in the "big city" and we've seen that story idea before but this time around the women seem tougher and even more determined to make it! Georgia's Aunt Honey (Loretta Devine from Grey's Anatomy, For Colored Girls) is somewhat of a nymphomaniac and loves to brag about her exploits to the young women and also doles out advice while listening to their problems. This is actually light hearted fun television in a family format.

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Bianca Neethling

When I'm not writing about movies and series, I spend most of my time traveling the world and catching my favorite West End shows. My life is also full of interesting books and I'm addicted to cooking. I believe that words can change the world, and I use them to inspire my readers.

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