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"His Dark Materials" is a TV series based on a trilogy of books by Philip Pullman. It is set in a parallel universe where humans have animal companions called daemons, and the story follows the adventures of a young girl named Lyra who is searching for her missing friend. Along the way, she discovers a sinister plot involving a mysterious substance called "dust," and becomes embroiled in a power struggle between different factions who seek to control it.

The show was produced by the BBC and HBO and premiered in November 2019. It stars Dafne Keen as Lyra, and features an ensemble cast including James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The series has received critical acclaim for its production values, performances, and faithfulness to the source material.

The first season of "His Dark Materials" covers the events of the first book in the trilogy, "Northern Lights" (known as "The Golden Compass" in the US). A second season, which premiered in November 2020, adapts the second book, "The Subtle Knife," while a third and final season is set to adapt the third book, "The Amber Spyglass." The show has become a popular and beloved adaptation of Pullman's beloved series, and has introduced a new generation of viewers to the fantastical world of "His Dark Materials."

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