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Hey Arnold! is a popular American animated television series that aired from 1996 to 2004. The show focuses on the life of a fourth-grader named Arnold, who lives in a boarding house with his grandparents in the fictional city of Hillwood. Arnold is kind, curious, and always eager to help his friends and neighbors.

Throughout the show, Arnold has a group of diverse and interesting friends, including Gerald, his best friend who is always there to lend a hand, and Helga, a tough girl who has a secret crush on Arnold. The show also deals with more serious issues, such as poverty, family problems, and even politics. Despite these heavier themes, the show manages to maintain a light and humorous tone.

Hey Arnold! has received critical acclaim for its mature storytelling and unique animation style. The show has also been praised for its representation of a diverse cast of characters and its ability to tackle important issues in a way that is accessible to children. Hey Arnold! has become a beloved classic, and fans still enjoy re-watching the show today.

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