Naruto: Shippuden


Naruto: Shippuden


Naruto" not exactly a household name in your household? Have you checked with your teen-age sons? When you ask, be prepared to see the look that says, "Do we even live on the same planet? "˜Naruto.' Monumental Manga. Duh." "Naruto" has exceptionally strong teen-boy appeal, partly because it exemplifies all the best attributes of manga and anime, and partly because it shows Everyboy's struggle to earn respect from his family and community. Adolescent ninja Naruto Uzumaki has tried to prove himself worthy of the title "Holage," strongest and bravest of all ninjas, in more than fifty print volumes and 220 episodes on satellite network Animax. In Japan, "Naruto" in manga form has sold more than 100 million copies. In the United States, "Naruto" Volume Eleven won the 2006 "Quill Award." Critics and teen boys consistently praise "Naruto's" fine balance of comedy and battle scenes. If you have fallen woefully behind on your viewing of "Narutu: Shippuden," the definitive "Naruto" anthology, you will find comfort in the fact that Viz released it on DVD in September, 2009, and Disney XD continues regularly airing old episodes.

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