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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior


Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior


Powerful cast makes Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior a huge hit on CBS As far as spin offs from television series go this one is a winner! The original Criminal Minds (debuted in 2005) has been so well written it was bound to spawn a sequel and Suspect Behavior is bound to excel. This is all about the FBI and profiling but goes way beyond the previous "Profilers" program and includes study of human behavior and why some of us do bad things. Situated in Quantico, Virginia, the teams of the FBI's BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit solve cases by "getting inside" the minds of dangerous criminals who have no respect for the lives of others. Forest Whitaker stars as Sam Cooper, a Special Agent with the FBI who bravely attacks his job each day, intent on getting the criminal element off the streets. His specially selected team include a skilled marksman, a former convict, and slick cunning agents who must be smarter than their targets in order to out wit them. Their missions involve capturing the most dangerous of the criminal element and bring them to justice. Also starring Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, and Beau Garrett.

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