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Big Time Rush


Big Time Rush


The newest "boy band" to hit the pop music scene is called Big Time Rush and the boys are ready for their chance at fame and fortune. Starring Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight, Carlos Pena, Jr. as Carlos Garcia, James Maslow as James Diamond, and Logan Henderson plays Logan Mitchell allows the actors to keep their own first names and a grip on reality. They must move away from the laid back lifestyle they've grown up with in Minnesota and go to the big city, LA. The four boys head to the Palmdale Hotel in Los Angeles, California and enroll in a special actors and performer's only school, the Palmwoods. Boys will be boys and their antics certainly get the attention of their elders including their producer, a hard driving and outrageous man by the name of Gustavo Rocque (played by Stephen Kramer Glickman). A TV series about brotherhood and friendship, Big Time Rush or BTR has a strong following and some great music. Once the season's filming is complete the band goes on a tour to "strut their stuff" before live audiences.

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