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Bethenny Ever After


Bethenny Ever After


Moving from the Real Housewives of New York to Bethenny Ever After with a stop off for Skating with the Stars we find that Bethenny Frankel has been a really busy girl. Oh and she also had a baby girl and turned 40! How many "housewives" can claim all of that in a short span of time? Who would want to? Bethenny has a very protective husband, Jason who tends to be overly defensive when it comes to protecting his wife and family life. But when there are cameras in the house it is difficult to keep much from being disclosed. The surprise birthday party that was planned to celebrate Bethenny's 40th birthday became awkward mostly because it really wasn't a surprise from Beth's perspective (again the cameras don't let much get by them). Will Bethenny flip out and go into therapy? Look for a warm fuzzy scene where the entire family plops down in the bathtub for some tender moments and water logged skin. The parents, a new baby and even the new puppy "Cookie" with sunglasses on had plans to go to the beach but find the tub works quite well.

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