A Tiny Audience


A Tiny Audience


"A Tiny Audience" is a music series that airs on HBO Latino in the United States. The show is produced by February Entertainment and features interviews and performances by various musical artists in front of a small audience of fans.

The series is hosted by different musicians including Sarah Packiam, Daniel René, Maria Elisa Ayerbe, and Brenda Bonnie. In the first season, Brenda Bonnie served as the host, while Maria Elisa Ayerbe took over for the second season. The show first premiered in 2019 and a second season was released in March 2021.

The unique feature of "A Tiny Audience" is the intimate setting in which it is filmed. By limiting the audience to a small group of fans, the show allows for a more personal and authentic experience for both the musicians and the viewers. The series provides a platform for musicians to showcase their talents and share their stories, while also allowing fans to connect with their favorite artists on a deeper level.

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Zahra Almailady

Zahra Almailady is a wife and mom first but she discovered a passion for cinema and after graduating from UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television she dove into cinematography. Now Zahra writes movie reviews just for fun ad really enjoys it. Zahra loves reading, cooking,  and windsurfing. She lives in New Zealand, with her husband two sons, and four cats.

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