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Shutter Island


All you need to know about the "Shutter Island" to watch it. It's a great movie that should you definitely watch, in the end all the answers will be given and the denouement will be unexpected. The traditional for Scorsese almost three-hour running time is a little bit discouraging. But you should trust: a mystery of the movie worth it. If the "Shutter Island" was a half hour shorter, it would be a cult masterpiece. In the present form of insanity redundancy, unnecessary images design weights film stretches the path of the hero to the old lighthouse - and the prolixity of the lost relics of the final revelation and enjoyment of the movie, eventually. This is the main and only disadvantage of "Island of the Damned" almost redeems acting. The film is surprisingly colorful. Martin Scorsese perfectly controlled a color and a setting of the frame even before, but the colors and pictures in the "Shutter Island" look just magical, and immerse you in a world of island with a head.

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