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Extraordinary Measures


Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures


Tom Vaughn's Extraordinary Measures should be considered as noteworthy movie primarily because the fact that it is based on the true story of the family of Dr. Crowley and Stonehill. This drama, about a struggle for the lives of children affected by Pompe disease, where the parents are going through the overflowing emotions, and children calls for sympathy and empathy. But you would not say the same about the film which looks like its filmed clumsy and simple, though Tom Vaughan shoots another comedy with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role, which consists of a set of fragments. If Nicolas Cage was invited, there would be a lump in coming to throat may be in one episode. But here even Fraser is not smiling and still seems to be something to rejoice. Eileen Crowley (Keri Russell) is feeling like it's not her children are sick, even when she worries about them, it all looks like so unnatural. As for Dr. Stonehill (played by Harrison Ford), the acting here is on the high altitude…

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Emily Peacock

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