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Einstein and Eddington


Einstein and Eddington

Einstein and Eddington


"Einstein and Eddington" is a historical drama movie released in 2008, directed by Philip Martin. The movie tells the story of the friendship between Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington, two of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. The movie explores their collaboration and the impact of their work on the scientific community during World War I.

The movie features David Tennant as Arthur Eddington and Andy Serkis as Albert Einstein, as well as Rebecca Hall as Eddington's love interest, Winifred. The story is a moving portrayal of their friendship and their efforts to prove Einstein's theory of general relativity, which revolutionized the field of physics and challenged the established beliefs of the time.

The movie received critical acclaim, with particular praise for the performances of Tennant and Serkis and the attention to historical detail. It was also praised for its exploration of the personal and professional struggles of the two scientists during a time of war and social upheaval. "Einstein and Eddington" is a thought-provoking movie about the power of friendship and the importance of scientific discovery in a changing world.

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