How to watch Hulu in Brazil in 2024

Devin Bohbrink
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April 17, 2024

Learn how to watch Hulu in Brazil! This guide will help you bypass those pesky geo-restrictions with a US residential IP for full access to your favorite Hulu shows and movies.

How to watch Hulu in Brazil  in 2024

Easy 1-2-3 Steps on How to Watch Hulu in Brazil

If you’re ready to start watching Hulu in Brazil, just follow these simple steps. By setting up a residential US IP address, you’ll be streaming your favorite Hulu titles from Brazil in no time. 

Step 1: Get a Residential IP Address

The first step to accessing Hulu from Brazil is to secure a US residential IP address. Unlike typical VPN services that offer shared IPs, a residential IP will make Hulu think you’re accessing the internet from an actual home in the US. Having this type of IP is great because Hulu and other streaming services are getting very good at detecting shared IPs. This type of IP is less likely to be detected and blocked by Hulu’s strict geo-filtering measures. 

We recommend using US IP Address Solutions. They have a 3 day free trial, and you can cancel your plan at any time. You can set it up within minutes and be ready to watch Hulu in Brazil once you subscribe.

Step 2: Subscribing to Hulu from Brazil

After you have your residential US IP address set up, it’s time to head over to Hulu’s website to subscribe. Typically, Hulu’s plans have a 30 day free trial so you can figure out which one is right for you. If you’re looking for the most affordable option, we suggest the ad-supported plan. The only problem is that you can only use this version within Hulu’s web browser. 

To subscribe, go to Hulu’s plans page and select your plan. Keep in mind that you need to access Hulu through your US IP address, otherwise you won’t be able to sign up. You’ll create an account, and even during the free trial you’ll need a US-based payment method. 

Since you live in Brazil, you likely don’t have a US bank card. To get around this, you can purchase a virtual prepaid gift card from the Hulu website, or a third party. Another option is to ask a friend in the US to set up the subscription for you and give you the login information. You’ll still need to login through the US IP address.

Step 3 - Hulu Streaming in Brazil

Congratulations, you’ve set up your Hulu account in Brazil! Now it’s time to start watching. When it comes to streaming options, there are several to choose from. For those who have the ad-based plan, you will be stuck with using Hulu’s web browser. This is a fine choice, but there are perks to using the app. For example, if you have the Hulu app, you’ll be able to download up to 25 movies or shows to watch offline which is fantastic for travel. 

If you go to the app store and notice Hulu isn’t available, this is because your device is still set as being located in Brazil. You’ll need to switch your location to be able to download Hulu. There are two ways to do this.

Choice 1 - Switch Your Location in the App Store

If you want to keep your current Apple ID or Google Play account, you’ll need to switch your location from Brazil to the US in the app store. Keep in mind that this option means you will have to cancel your current subscriptions that are based in Brazil.

This is because you will have to enter a US-based payment plan to download the app and use the account. So, this option might not be for those who want to keep their regular accounts on Google or Apple.

Choice 2: Create a New Account to Watch Hulu in Brazil

The second option is to create a new account, or refresh Google Play. This allows you to access the US app store from Brazil and watch Hulu. 

Google Play 

  • Connect your device to the US residential IP you’ve set up
  • Head to Google Accounts and create a new account 
  • While you’re setting the account up, make sure you choose the United States as your country
  • Go to the Google Play Store 
  • Select Storage, then Clear Data, and Clear Cache 
  • Open up Google Play
  • Go to Account 
  • Under “Country and Profiles” you should be able to add a new country if it recognizes your US IP
  • Follow the prompts to update your country to the United States

Apple Store 

  • Sign out of your current Apple ID account 
  • Create a new Apple ID from the Apple ID Account Page
  • During registration, select United States as your country to make sure you have access to the US app store
  • Complete the registration with an email address that isn’t connected to another Apple ID

It’s important to note here that you may need an updated US payment method when you create your new account. You can use a prepaid gift card, or a friend's US account.


For those who have been asking themselves “can I watch Hulu in Brazil?” We have given you the answers! While not officially available due to licensing, you can use a residential US IP address to access your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu while living in Brazil! 

This video explains how to watch Hulu in Brazil while using an Android device. 

Want to learn more? You may find these tutorials helpful. The steps are easy to follow, but our videos will give you a more in depth look into how to watch Hulu in Brazil. 

This video explains how to watch Hulu in Brazil while using an Apple device. 

Now that you’re the expert on watching Hulu in Brazil, it’s time to relax! Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu without worrying about geo-restrictions with a residential US IP address. 

Got a “Not available in your region” message?
No worries. Get a true residential US IP address and watch any title even if you are not in the USA!
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