How to Watch Hulu in Australia in 2024

Zahra Almailady
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September 14, 2022

Start to watch Hulu from Australia by working around its usual blocks. With a residential US IP Address, it’s as easy as following these 3 steps.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia in 2024

Steps A to C to start streaming Hulu in Australia

If Google mapped out a highway of searches coming from Australia about Hulu, one of the biggest ones would be: why isn’t Hulu in Australia? Our guess is you’ve probably tried to hop onto the site and buy a plan for yourself, but unless you’re in the US (or Japan) you’ll be restricted from doing so.

While VPNs are generally the go-to, we’ve found them to be extremely inconsistent with whether they work or not—and if they do, they often suffer from lags. But a way to use the ease of VPNs but with another method that guarantees you can stream every time, without interruption? That's what we’ll lay out for you below…

Step A: Get yourself a residential US IP address

While with VPNs, you’re often given tons of locations that you can connect to (hint: why it gets super congested!), with a US IP address, you’re literally accessing a server that’s exclusively within the US—making Hulu receive you inbound from a residential area in the US that’s eligible to use its platform.

To get your US IP address, always opt for reliability and performance. And for that, we always go to US IP Address Solutions

To get started: (1) Jump onto their site (2) Click on a plan that suits you (3) Receive your login credentials by email after filling in your details (4) Choose the device you want to install their app on (5) Login & connect securely, and you’ll be ready for Step B.

Step B: Switch your device’s location to the US

Now that you’re all set up with a residential US IP address, you’ll have the means to easily update your device’s location (so that you can download the Hulu app from Australia!)—with different instructions depending on whether you’re using Apple or Android. 

Got an Android phone? Then follow this list to sort yourself in no time:

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ 
  • At the bottom, switch to the United States Play Store
  • Continue then add a Credit or Debit Card
  • Important: use a valid US ZIP code for the billing address!
  • Re-start the Play Store & you’re done

For those using an Apple device, here are your steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on ‘iTunes & App Store and then Apple ID
  • View your Apple ID and select ‘Country or Region’ 
  • Change it, selecting the United States
  • Important: Add a valid US address + phone number
  • You’re done!

Step C: Download the Hulu app, the right way

Taken care of setting your region for the United States? Launch the relevant app store, and now the Hulu app should appear in full life to you. Download and open it, but before you can start on any Hulu plan, you’ll have to make sure you can securely pay for it.

Option 1: Using Hulu with Google Play Store

If you’re hooked up with Google Play Store, you can skip to opening the Hulu app, starting your free trial, and then selecting which plan you want to subscribe to. The critical next step is that when you’re filling out your account details, you’ll have to use a US ZIP code for your billing address. All confirmed? Congrats, Hulu should work for you from Australia now!

Option 2: Using Hulu with Apple’s app store

If Apple’s app store is what you have, you’ll need to use a US-specific iTunes gift card so that you can pay for your subscription. Visit mygiftcardssupply to purchase one—then input its code into your account’s ‘Redeem Gift Card or Code’ setting. Now bring to life the Hulu app, choose your plan, confirm purchase, and watch your TV freely!


If you’re here after wondering how to get Hulu in Australia, reaching the end of this article, you’ll now be in the know. Because while officially, Down Under shouldn’t be able to access the leading TV streaming site, with a true residential US IP address, now you can.

Here’s video guidance on how to watch Hulu from Australia on an Android device:

It’s a seamless, reliable solution that lets you go from itching to watch your favorite TV shows soon after their airing, to simply streaming them from your choice of device, right from Australia.

And here’s your step-by-step for doing it on an iPhone or iPad:

With a US IP address, now you never need to stay wishing you could spend the evenings TV show binging. There’s a free trial for both using a US IP address and Hulu—so you can see how easy it works for you from Australia.

To find out more details about the plans you can choose, check out US IP Address Solutions right here.

Got a “Not available in your region” message?
No worries. Get a true residential US IP address and watch any title even if you are not in the USA!
Zahra Almailady
Zahra Almailady

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