Web Therapy


Web Therapy


Lisa Kudrow has been a busy gal since she was part of the ensemble cast of Friends! She now produces as well as stars in a new concept in sitcom on Showtime Television titled Web Therapy. Kudrow is Dr. Fiona Wallice, a therapist who contrives a new therapy form in which she spends three minutes on a web cast with patients who were formerly treated to those long and overly "talky" 50 minute sessions where nothing really happened. Her idea is to abbreviate those unproductive bouts down, thus leaving out most of the irrelevant chit chat. Kip Wallice, Fiona's husband, is played by Victor Garber (Ugly Betty, Nurse Jackie) shows up occasionally and her mother Putsy Hodge is well played by Lily Tomlin (stand up comedienne "Ernestine"). Apparently her newly devised condensed version of has some therapeutic value as she works with various patients who have guest starring roles in each episode. Names like Meryl Streep, Phylicia Rashad, Courtney Cox, and Jane Lynch fill in the 30 minute situation comedy and the results are hilarious and especially innovative due mostly to the level of talent involved. Well worth catching if you have Showtime.

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