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The Comedy Central Roast


The Comedy Central Roast


A roast is defined as a public means of giving out insults, tributes, or even telling outlandish stories (be they true or outright lies) while keeping it fun and entertaining for all. There is a roast-master and the "roastee" is often a celebrity of some sort, and participants include friends, co-workers, fans, and family, many of whom also participate in putting the "roastee" on the hot seat. Among the "roastees" are Pamela Anderson, Denis Leary, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers, and Charlie Sheen. Each of the participants have to have a thick skin and a broad sense of humor because some of the comments bestowed on them can be rather colorful and even downright mean spirited, yet all meant to be in fun. The 90 minute programs may have certain requests that some topics be left out of the final airing including William Shatner's request that the fact his late wife drown in their pool as well as Pamela Anderson asking that her bout with Hepatitis C be kept from the show. Charlie Sheen also requested jokes referencing his mother not be aired. Others have made no such requests, leaving themselves wide open for a happy roasting!

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Emily Peacock

Undoubtfully, cinematography has been my passion since a very young age. Even now, watching a new movie or series always prompts me to ask a lot of questions to the author. Thus, every little essay about a title is definitely not a spoiler, but rather an attempt to explore the idea.

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When it comes to work Travis and Wes are the best cops you've ever seen in the real life. But their relationship with each other looks like a nightmare. No, they don't hate each other and if it would be necessary they likely took a bullet for one another. The problem is, they just can't get along. That's why Captain Sutton their boss sends them to couple therapy to Dr. Ryan with whom he had positive experience in some similar case. At the same time Wes and Travis are attempting to solve the murder mystery that somehow connected with all the stuff revolving around their group therapy making the series's plot more twisted and complicated. The chemistry between two actors adds more spiciness to overall TV show's performance. Travis Marks is portrayed by Michael Ealy who played in Think Like a Man as Dominic and Detective Sebastian in vampire-themed movie Underworld: Awakening. You've probably noticed him in Californication series as Ben. Another cop, Wes Mitchell, is Warren Kole, a quite demanded actor in Hollywood television series industry. His portfolio includes: The Chicago Code, Rizzoli & Isles, Mental (as Rylan Moore) and 24 (Brian Gedge). He also has been seen as Carrier BridgeTechs in action-packed movie The Avengers. Another noticeable person in Common Law is Captain Mike Sutton played by Jack McGee who was acting in Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad which was filmed at the same time. Before Common Law, Jack McGee also remarkably played in numerous TV shows and movies like Rescue Me, Brotherhood, Criminal Minds, Players, New Year's Eve, etc. Dr. Elise Ryan (who is trying to help Travis and Wes find a peace with each other) is portrayed by Sonya Walger, cute Hollywood TV series superstar with a long listed filmography: FlashForward, In Treatment, Lost and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.