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When you appear on "Jeopardy," choosing "Epic Fail" as your category, expect the big money question to read, "What is "˜The Cape'?" Score hundreds of dollars on your tote board. "The Cape" enjoyed a very brief and frighteningly unspectacular run on NBC, a 2010-2011 mid-season replacement for some equally forgettable je ne sais qua. The show didn't even struggle across the finish line; the season finale aired only on the NBC website. So surprising in light of "The Cape's" genius premise"”framed for murder, a police officer goes undercover as a masked hero, striving to restore his good name and win the privilege of once again seeing his estranged son. What son would not be thrilled to see his father in action as a masked-man; tights optional? Developed for the 9p.m. time-slot, very deliberately family-friendly, "The Cape's" few fiercely loyal viewers characterized it as "good clean fun," scathing NBC and alleging the programming execs had axed Superhero and Son because it was not sleazy and salacious enough. More tights? A handsome codpiece? A representative Yahoo review suggested, "The cape needs time to develop a fan base"¦. How can you develop characters in a short time? I think that NBC should cancel their people who make the decisions."

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