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Stargate SG-1


The cornerstone of a Stargate franchise that commands the allegiance of millions of worldwide fans, "Stargate SG1" TV show ran for ten full seasons"”one of the longest-running science fiction programs in television history. The producers and writers took their concept from the 1994 tech-fantasy movie "Stargate," but the series rapidly took-on life and momentum of its own. Under the command of Colonel Jack O'Neill the "Stargate SG1" team explores the ragged edges of the universe, searching for tools, tactics, and technology to save Earth from imminent destruction. General Hammond watches from Washington, and only the President and the Joint Chiefs know of the secret mission"”no WikiLeaks. Most critics and loyal viewers agree "Stargate SG1" ranks at or near the top of the list for best science fiction series ever made. Brisk sales of the DVD boxed-set confirm their view; and, in 2010, "Stargate SG1" series returned to television, playing from the start on the SyFy channel.

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