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NYC 22


Ever wonder how many cops & soldiers TV series are succeeding on CBS in 2011-2012 season? OK, we'll give you a hint: six out twenty top television shows are cop or army related on this network. So, if you are tired and bored by numerous CSI /NCIS you should try this new one "“ NYC 22. Despite all the cons (we should count in an outdated flat and glossy picture that still is CBS's "signature" bobble) of another one police investigation drama, NYC 22 features some pros as well. Let's start with Robert De Niro as an executive producer, who brought in lots of diverse and twisted scenario turns and some decent cast: you'll unlikely see elsewhere on conservative CBS a romance escalating between a handsome black ex-basketball professional player Jayson "Jackpot" Toney portrayed by Harold House Moore (whose filmography includes Single Ladies, Necessary Roughness, Lie to Me and House of Payne) and Jennifer, a cute blonde white rookie nicknamed "White Horse", played by gorgeous Leelee Sobieski "“ you may know her as Lolita from The Elder Son or Chloe in Night Train and the most attentive would probably notice her in Public Enemy with Johnny Depp.

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Bianca Neethling

When I'm not writing about movies and series, I spend most of my time traveling the world and catching my favorite West End shows. My life is also full of interesting books and I'm addicted to cooking. I believe that words can change the world, and I use them to inspire my readers.

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