NCIS: Los Angeles


NCIS: Los Angeles


NCIS: Los Angeles TV Show focuses on the Office of Special Projects in the covert NCIS division. The agents on this team work undercover to bring down dangerous criminals that are putting national security at risk. The highly trained team consists of six experts in different areas and together they are unstoppable. Using the latest in technology to figure out who is behind crimes such as hostage takings and terrorist attacks, this elite team does whatever is necessary to get the bad guys and keep our country safe. Although they may appear to be an unlikely combination of members, their results prove that they each play a key role in getting the job done. Watch NCIS: Los Angeles TV show for fast moving action that will keep you interested to the very end.

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Bianca Neethling

When I'm not writing about movies and series, I spend most of my time traveling the world and catching my favorite West End shows. My life is also full of interesting books and I'm addicted to cooking. I believe that words can change the world, and I use them to inspire my readers.

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