Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire


Filling an empty niche of modern TV, Chicago Fire colorfully depicts working days of Chicago Fire Department consisting of Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and 25th Battalion. The TV show was developed by Dick Wolf, a man standing behind Law & Order and Community TV shows, who definitely knows how to produce a successful television products and turn them into the series of spin-offs. So, we may easily expect NY Fire, LA Fire and San Francisco Fire in the nearest future. The show features dramatic storyline, the action begins just after the loss of the man during the recent fire accident, and everyone in the crew rebuke others for this loss. Nevertheless, the life continues, as every working day challenges them and their leader, a veteran to gather all the will and strength to perform their duty better the rivals, a Rescue Squad. Chicago Fire concept looks to be very easy replicated and in case of success, the TV show will turn its cast to well known actors (as it happened to Law and Order Cast). So the bright future is almost here for Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase - "House M.D."), Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood - "The Vampire Diaries") and Monica Raymund (Dana Lodge "“ "The Good Wife").

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