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"Big Brother" numbers among those long-running (unreal) reality shows that keep rolling along on their own momentum long after the thrills have gone. Originally adapted from a popular Dutch series, "Big Brother" puts thirteen carefully chosen strangers in a house heavily wired with cameras and microphones, capturing every word, gesture, and nuance. The producers challenge their "guests" to complete a series of physical and mental "stunts," periodically polling their feelings about who among them should go home. The one guest who stays longest goes home with half-a-million American dollars. Although "Big Brother's" novelty has faded, even the most stony-hearted and cynical critics must accord the superannuated series its props: When an online streaming service attempted a similarly contrived "residential situation," capitalizing on the industry's newest, most sophisticated audio and video technology, it faded to black in less than a month. At the other end of the scale, when MTV adapted "Big Brother's" premise for use along the New Jersey coastline, it became a cultural phenomenon, and "Snooki" became a household word. Clearly, it's not the premise but the chemistry that determines the show's fate. Therefore, credit "Big Brother" with good chemistry and agree to roll along with the momentum.

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