If you can't wait any more for next Hollywood superhero blockbuster, Arrow will deliver what you crave for in the format of action-packed television series. The TV show depicts day and night life of fictional character who is billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) at day and redoubtable vigilante "Green Arrow" at night. His story begins five years ago when irresponsible and careless masher, Oliver shipwrecks at inhabited island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Considered to be dead he was faced lonesome life in dangerous environment for almost five years. The modern day Robinson Crusoe has to develop special abilities to survive the ordeal, the masterly wielding a bow was one of them. As he returns home, Oliver decides to hide his new skills from the entourage, and use them to fight all sorts of villains: corrupted officials, mob leaders, and common bandits. When night comes he puts on his dark green cloak over the perfect body (say hello to "single females" audience), takes his bow and arrows and goes on the streets of Starling City to restore the piece and order. But there is one thing more about Arrow: as Oliver Queen he ultimately wishes to return his ex-girlfriend Dinah Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy: Emma Perkins from Monte Carlo)

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Anna Miko

Anna Miko enjoys writing more than reading books. But most of all she likes to write movie and series reviews. Being fond of classic cinema, she nevertheless is the author of many research works on contemporary visual arts. She also writes short essays on new movies and series helping others to navigate the world of modern cinema.

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