Handsomely animated in the style of old-school newspaper comic serials, "Archer" TV series illustrates the life, times, adventures, and quandaries of super-sleuth Lew Archer, would-be international man of mystery. Critics aptly characterize Sterling Archer as "suave, vain, and overly confident," quickly adding that his exceptional expertise as a secret agent contrasts sharply with his bumbling ineptitude in every other area of his life. "Archer" TV show especially satirizes office intrigues and American corporate politics by extension, making global crises and dangerous espionage simply pre-texts for International Secret Intelligence Service agents to make one another look bad. "Archer" creator H. Jon Benjamin, who also does the voice of Sterling Archer, is not particularly kind to his stereotypically American hero: Archer's more-than-vaguely Oedipal relationship with his mother complicates all the plots; and, at work, Archer must team-up, awkwardly, with his former girlfriend Lana, who has moved-on to another relationship with an ISIS employee.

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Anna Miko

Anna Miko enjoys writing more than reading books. But most of all she likes to write movie and series reviews. Being fond of classic cinema, she nevertheless is the author of many research works on contemporary visual arts. She also writes short essays on new movies and series helping others to navigate the world of modern cinema.

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