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Won't Back Down


Won't Back Down

Won't Back Down


Inspired by California's Parent Trigger law in 2010, a Daniel Barnz's movie Won't Back Down is telling a story about two mothers, who are adamant in their decision to change things in downgrading school of their city. Their strong will and resoluteness to override the sequence of mediocre performance reports issued by the school year after year leads them to fierce battle with corruption and indolence prevailing behind the school officers and government officials. Two mothers, a bartender (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and a teacher Nona Alberts (Viola Davis) maybe belonging two different backgrounds, but they are very eager to fight the bureaucracy personalized in Principal Thompson and Teacher's Union President (portrayed by Holly Hunter, Grace Hanadarko from Saving Grace TV series). It seems like the mothers are going to lose everything in this unequal combat, however their good will to change things for better will bring them victory and safe education for their children, which deserve the best future.

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Emily Peacock

Undoubtfully, cinematography has been my passion since a very young age. Even now, watching a new movie or series always prompts me to ask a lot of questions to the author. Thus, every little essay about a title is definitely not a spoiler, but rather an attempt to explore the idea.

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