How To Watch Hulu in Saudi Arabia in 2024 (Complete Guide)

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January 11, 2023

If you see the "Hulu is available in the U.S. only, or you might be using a VPN" message, that means that the Hulu streaming service is not currently available in your location.

How To Watch Hulu in Saudi Arabia in 2024 (Complete Guide)

Complete Guide on How To Watch Hulu in Saudi Arabia

To access Hulu in Saudi Arabia, you need to do the following:

  1. True residential IP address in the United States
  2. Hulu subscription 
  3. Hulu gift card

Let's see how you can get all three of these and start with a true residential US IP address. What do we say "true"? Because it’s necessary to access Hulu in Saudi Arabia since you can’t watch Hulu using a regular VPN!  

We have tried more than ten VPN services, but all of them failed to access Hulu in Saudi Arabia. Why? Because VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can be used to mask a user's IP address and location, and may allow them to access content that is restricted in their region. However, it is not guaranteed that a VPN will allow you to access Hulu if it is not available in your region.

Some content providers, including Hulu, may block or restrict access to their service when it is being accessed through a VPN in order to protect their content and prevent unauthorized access. In these cases, even if you are using a VPN, you may not be able to access Hulu. This is because Hulu is able to detect when a user is using a VPN, and may block access to the service as a result.

So the only solution here is to get the IP address that belongs to any residential internet service provider like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, CenturyLink, etc. But how to get an IP address from them?


Step 1. Get yourself a true residential IP address in the United States to watch Hulu in Saudi Arabia

The best way to access Hulu, a streaming service only available in the USA, is to purchase a US IP address from a specialized provider. Like US IP Solution, for instance.

They will provide you with an IP address that belongs to one of the following ISPs: Comcast

AT&T, Verizon, Charter, CenturyLink, Cox, Frontier, Hughes, Optimum, RCN, Suddenlink, T-Mobile, Xfinity, EarthLink, or Google Fiber

Step 2. How to subscribe to Hulu in Saudi Arabia

How to pay for a Hulu subscription if you don't have a card issued by a US bank or if Hulu is rejecting your local credit card?

There are a few options for paying for a Hulu subscription if you don't have a US bank-issued credit or debit card. Here are a few options you could consider:

Use a prepaid card: You can purchase a prepaid card, such as a Visa or Mastercard gift card, that can be used to pay for your Hulu subscription. These cards can be purchased at many retail locations and used to make online payments like a regular credit or debit card.

Use a virtual credit card: Some companies offer virtual credit cards that can be used to make online payments. These cards typically have a one-time use number generated for a specific transaction and can be used to make a payment even if you don't have a physical credit or debit card.

Use a third-party payment service, like PayPal, but remember that you will need a US PayPal account.

How to pay for a Hulu subscription in Saudi Arabia? Answer: get a Hulu gift card!

But what if none of these options work, or you don’t have a US PayPal account? Can you subscribe to Hulu in Saudi Arabia? 

Yes, you can! All you need is a Hulu gift card. Just google “Hulu gift card” and get in from any provider. We have tested MyGiftCardSupply and got our Hulu gift card in five minutes without any issues

Once you receive your Hulu gift card, redeem it here:, and you are done! Now you have to select a Hulu subscription plan and bingo! Now you can watch Hulu in Saudi Arabia!.

Final Thoughts

If you try to download the Hulu app from the Saudi Play Store or App Store, you will not be able to find it. This is because the app is only available for the US market. However, earlier in the process, you obtained a residential IP address that can temporarily change your local app store to the US market, allowing you to download the Hulu app. Once the app is downloaded, you can switch your app store back to your local market if desired. There are also benefits to keeping your app store set to the US market: the number of available apps will increase tenfolds.

We recommend following these video tutorials to download Hulu app in Saudi Arabia:

This tutorial outlines the steps for obtaining a US Play Store account on an Android device and subscribing to the Hulu streaming service in Saudi Arabia:

This tutorial may be helpful for iPhone or iPad users. It demonstrates how to switch to the US App Store and access Hulu in Saudi Arabia:

Got a “Not available in your region” message?
No worries. Get a true residential US IP address and watch any title even if you are not in the USA!
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