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"The Drop" is a story about a young married couple, Lex and Mani, who are trying to have a baby while living in Los Angeles. They attend a destination wedding in Mexico with Lex's old college friends, but an accident during their stay causes the couple to question their relationship and their potential parenthood. However, the story is weakened by an ensemble of absurdist friends who take focus away from the main conflict and lead to a fractured and uneven exploration of love. The story starts off with an exciting premise, but ultimately falls short in its execution. The Drop is a comedy film that centers around characters talking endlessly, over-analyzing and presuming rather than making progress. The main incident that drives the story is when one of the characters drops a baby, and the characters spend the rest of the film discussing the incident and its implications. The movie is in the style of Seinfeld episodes, and movies by the Duplass brothers, where the humor comes from the characters' conversations rather than the plot. The movie also deals with the theme of privilege, and how well-off people with too much free time tend to believe in nonsense, while thinking they've discovered the truth.

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