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In each episode, "The Outer Limits" attempted to answer, "What is the nature of man?" Producers called their collection of stories, developed from radically different points of view but always mixing science fact with pseudo-science fiction and the occasional monster, an "anthology." Regular viewers mostly called it "deliciously creepy," indulging a natural tendency to compare it with its counter-part and sometimes rival "The Twilight Zone." Unlike Rod Serling's spine-tingling vignettes, though, "The Outer Limits" did not shy away from old-fashioned horror and raw sensation. "The Outer Limits" was as visceral as "The Twilight Zone" was cerebral. Many episodes dealt with time travel, stranding adventurers in threatening environments where their intellects and technology failed them, triggering their reversion to primitive states. Others explored the infinite possibilities for human evolution and mutation, all with emphasis on the most hideous possibilities. ABC aired "The Outer Limits" between 1963 and 1966; Showtime revived it in 1995, and the Sci-Fi Channel replayed all the episodes between 1999 and 2002. The complete "anthology" now is available on OnlineTVcast.

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