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Death Valley


Death Valley


An unusually dark comedy coming from MTV brings a whole new meaning to police protection as the residents of California's peaceful San Fernando Valley are now under siege from a vast assortment of vampires, werewolves, and zombies! So big is the threat to residents that a new Undead Task Force is formed from the LAPD. The UTF members are specially trained to battle the latest threat to the people of what is now called Death Valley and these intrepid task force members, both men and women, are dedicated to preserving the safety and security of their command. Horror abounds in this comedic yet scary mockumentary show that gives viewers a taste of bloody conflicts with zombies and other creatures of the night. Plenty of subtext here referencing today's world of insanity, extraordinary creatures, and brutally disgusting while menacing supernatural dwellers that attempt to take over. Ever since the undead have taken up residence in Death Valley they have had only one aim in mind and that is to eliminate those who dare to step outside"¦. the residents and the Undead Task Force.

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