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"Autopsy" is a TV show that is part of HBO's America Undercover documentary series. The show focuses on forensic pathology, which is the study of the causes and effects of diseases and injuries on the human body. Dr. Michael Baden, a real-life forensic pathologist, is the main expert on the show. He has personally worked on many of the cases that are reviewed in each episode.

Dr. Baden analyzes the evidence found during each autopsy and explains how it helps to solve the case. He uses his experience and knowledge to provide insight into the cause of death, which is often a crucial piece of information in solving a crime. The show features many high-profile cases, including those of celebrities and politicians.

Overall, "Autopsy" is an informative and engaging show that provides viewers with an inside look at the world of forensic pathology. Dr. Baden's expertise and involvement in many of the cases make the show especially interesting and informative. It's a great show for anyone who is interested in crime-solving or the science behind forensic investigations.

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